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hey everyone. i’m so relieved i found this blog. YAY! I’m I’m 27. I have a lot of random debt… I have a lot of defaulted bills and bank accounts and medical bills over the years from being young and stupid. I owe some friends money, and I owe my college (not loans, but my actual institution) around three grand. I think altogether I probably owe in the neighborhood of around $8,000 – $10,000 or so. Fortunately I have no credit card or actual student loan debt. I really want to clean it all up so I can move on with my life. The problem is I can’t find it. I threw all those notices away when I got them, in hopes of avoiding the situation, and it doesn’t show up specifically on my credit report. Do I use one of those debt consolidation services and if so, which one? I’ve heard such horror stories I don’t know who to trust. I’d really appreciate some advice on this; thanks so much.

How in earth did your university allow you to owe them money? I went to a place (both university and high school) that was Jesuit and they kicked you out on your rear if you were late with tuition. They never would have given me a loan.

they did kick me out on my rear. i never finished at that school.

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