I have not heard of any users being charged either way.


I have not heard of any users being charged either way. Merchants are sometimes charged based on whether you use debit or cc function.

The big difference is when you use debit, $$ comes out right away; when you use cc it may be 1-2 days before the $$ comes out. To my knowledge, all the guarantees you have on real cc’s do not apply to what Clark Howard calls fake credit cards (VISA/Debit, etc.). However, you are still protected against fraud, either way.

All I can tell ya, is my bank doesn’t charge me to use the debit or credit version. Some banks do.

my guess…. is that you may not be able to have it processed as a debit card at online merchants… or at least those not accepting debit cards. In the situation where a merchant doesn’t take debit cards having a credit card that is directly attached to your bank account (ie your debit card with the visa/mc logo) gives you the ability to purchase from them using your bank account (without having to use a regular “revolving” credit card).

I am not sure if this at all answers any part of your question. 🙂 Someone was saying they saw a student paying for a cup of coffee with a cc. I reasoned at that point it could have been a debit card with a logo on it. Downey savings Does charge .25¢ per ATM in out of network ATM’s. If I used it as a credit card, it come out of the same account, but no fee for my side if it. 5 ATM trannies a day and the bank charging .25¢ that’s a buck twenty five from me. so I do mainly use the ‘credit’ side.

IMO, using the credit side and no charges beats having to find an ATM Downey wouldn’t charge for.

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