HELP!!! Served with papers!!!


Hi. We were just served with papers from the courts from a debt we owe for American Express. They want $5000 in 20 days. If only I had it to pay! I am freaking out. SHould I try to call and arrange a payment plan?!?! HELP!!!

AE is the card where you have to pay off the balance at the end of each month. Is this correct? You can call them to arrange a payment plan if they will work with
you, but you must make those payments. Your argument is that the court will delegate a payment plan based on what you can pay. The court will probably take a very hard look at what they think you can pay, not your opinion.

Served with papers! Me too. Yes, call them. I called and made payment arrangements. If I would have let it go they could’ve garnished my wages for 30% of my take home each month. Basically, they settled for monthly payments.

1. Make arrangements and ask for it IN WRITING. That will take about a week.
2. Send them a letter in response of how the payments are arranged so everyone is “on the same page.”
3. Every month when I send the payment I use a money order. I record the money order number, date sent, etc. Then I print out a “receipt”. Basically a updated printout of all the payments I’ve made. Dates, Money order number, etc.

Thanks!! Well we called and offered a payment arrangement. They said they would review it and get back to us within a week. They said not to worry about the court thing since we’ve been in contact with them. I guess its mostly when people ignore that warning that they garnish?? thanks for the help!

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