Dave Anyone?


Hi, We read Ramsey’s *Financial Peace* years and years ago… well it was around 1999. We used the snowball method of debt reduction and the envelope system of money management. We worked hard on our way to financial freedom and were debt free with the exception of car payments and housing since 2008 and then car payments were paid off in 2012. In 2013, we were transfered and used the equity from our old home to purchase a very modest home… No mortgage. We enjoyed total financial freedom for 2 years. I must say, we recently went back into debt to purchase a minivan. We opted to finance as the rate we got on it was lower than we were making on our Money Market.

Not sure if that was the right move, but we have yet to regret it. We have been truly blessed and hope that we can offer support and encouragement to others who find they could relieve stress in their lives if they were to get control of their finances. And to think it all started with *Financial Peace*.

That sounds like a dream existence=) Glad to hear you were able to do it. I am waiting for the books at the library; I cannot afford to attend the classes or buy the materials at this time so…… Anyhow, I like having this blog; when I do get the books I will ask any questions of you guys first.

Thank you to those who had replied to my initial email about “Dave.” Like you, I am waiting for my interlibrary loan book to arrive so that I can read about this method of paying off debt. Thanks!

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