ATM vs Credit Card


Maybe you all have discussed this before, but if you don’t mind, could you share some light on this again? Is it that some banks are charging the account holders for using the debit card and not the credit card, and charging the merchants for the customer’s use of the credit card, but not of the debit card?

This weekend, when I did my groceries, I asked the manager of the store regarding charges when using a debit card as either debit or credit card. She said that when customers use the debit card, they are urged to use it as debit because if they use it as a credit card, the store gets charged for the transaction. I asked her if we, the customer, are being charged at our end for using the debit card. The manager, for her personal banking, uses Wells Fargo and BofA. I use BofA. She says that she does not see any charges in her account for using a debit card. I don’t see any charges in my account for using a debit card either.

Why is this being brought up in the list? Are there some of you that are actually charged by your banks for using the debit card? If so I see why one would use the credit card option. If my bank is not charging me for using the debit card, I’m not going to ask them to pass the transaction as a credit card purchase, to make the vendor be charged. Does this change depending on the vendor, as for example, will BofA not charge me if I use the debit card at the grocery store, but might charge me if I use it to pay something on Amazon, or at a Macy’s store?

ATMI used to bank with BOA and never had any charges however I used my debit card. I am now banking with USAA and it is free also.

The only difference is my debit card with them has rewards and I only get the rewards if I choose credit. It takes forever to get enough points to even get those rewards so I don’t really concern myself with it that much.

I think it all depends on the bank, but as far as I know most banks do charge you for using debit as a ‘point of service’ transaction, when you have the ability to use your card as a credit card.

I think the banks reasoning is you are using it almost the same way as a out of network ATM machine; but it is all just a stupid money making scam if you ask me=) No matter what they make .30 per transaction, either from me or from the store!!!!

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