Any suggestions about how to decide what’s real?


Any suggestions about how to decide what’s real and what’s not? I know for sure that this instant approval payday loans website is a real deal. Used them a few times, with great satisfaction.

My wife sells Mary Kay and it IS a legitimate business but it takes a lot of effort to make money which she is just starting to do. One of the benefits of a home-based inventory business is you do get to write off some expenses for your home. But it is not for everybody. I tried Amway many years ago and I was not very successful at it.

But we’ve started so many other “home business” ventures that flopped and I hate to put any money into a start up cost. I want something that someone else will just pay me to do – like my teaching piano or something else. I’ll check out this site, too.

Those boards are full of many lurking to recruit people in those progressive marketing schemes like tupperware, mary kay and avon. There are tons of smaller ones that sell everything from kids cloths to scrap-booking supplies.

Don’t go there. People are very pushy because that is how they make money getting others to “sign up”. Very few people make any money doing this. Besides it is not really working at home because most require you to do “parties” and other things.

Don’t post any contact information and be very cautious who you give it too. These people are always “working their business” and make money convincing people like you to give up some money and time to help them make more They may have a product to sell but they really don’t make money unless they recruit and get thier recruits to sell for them. On top of that your friends and family will flee at the word you are now using them to further thier business.

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